Tom Nook Already Swindled Me in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing pocket camp game fun with fruit goldie

I was excited to download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp when I was notified of its release on the Google Play Store yesterday. I’ve played a little each morning and it hits on everything I want out an Animal Crossing experience. A phone game seems perfect for this Nintendo franchise, far above their Mario implementation. It’s a breath of fresh air to be customizing my campsite, making friends, and visiting others campsites without a care in the world in 2017. That was, until Tom Nook reached right into my bell’s pouch when I wasn’t paying attention…

I had already visited most of the available areas in the game, made some friends and invited them to hang out at my campsite. Each area on your map caters to a different activity like fishing, foraging, or bug hunting. There’s also some market areas to visit with rotating inventories of clothes and furniture. The last place to visit was a automotive shop that allows you to customize and expand your sweet camper van.

Animal Crossing pocket camp custom van life

I showed up to greet the three staff and what an offer they had for me! As an intro offer, this time only, I could customize the paint on my van completely free! I jumped on it and painted my van bright orange and lime green. It was looking good. I was pretty happy with the paint job, so before I left I decided to check out what else they had to offer for my new van life. Giovanni said they could also expand the interior of my van. That seemed like an interesting prospect for the future, so I said I was interested, expecting a free estimate of what it would cost me. Instead of an estimate, they just got to work…

Animal Crossing pocket camp loan prompt
The only game franchise to explain loans terms…

Next thing I knew, I had an expanded van that I had never actually been in before, and the mechanics had taken the liberty of getting me a 10,000 bell loan from Tom Nook to cover the costs. That felt a little too real in comparison with the rest of the fantasy and friendliness of the world. So there I was, a day into my Animal Crossing adventure, already underwater on my car loan due to unnecessary upgrades I accidentally requested… Tom Nook wins again.

Time to start digging myself out of this debt, at least I have a bunch of friends to hang out with back at my camp.

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