The Pro Controller Got Me Into Splatoon 2

spaltoon 2 nintento switch pro controller 1

I pre-ordered Splatoon 2 given the great things I’d heard about the original game. Like so many, I never had a Wii U and missed out on it. I was into it for a bit. I played through the first few SplatFests and had a great time. It was nice to have a competitive “shooter” experience on my new console. I didn’t stick with it for long though. There was a ton coming out on the Switch and there was something that wasn’t hooking me into Splatoon.

It was the joy-cons.

The Joy of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

I recently found a listing for a Nintendo Switch Pro controller on my local Craig’ List for the low price of $40. Since picking it up, I cannot get enough Splatoon 2. Before, I was typically playing Splatoon with my Switch docked and using the joy-con grip. The game looked way better on my TV, but turns out the sticks on the joy-con were holding me back from fully enjoying the game.

spaltoon 2 nintento switch pro controller 2

No, I was not and still am not using the motion controls, even though everyone who posts online says it’s the only way to play. I’m conditioned to and comfortable with the typical aiming scheme. Maybe if I had used motion controls with the joy-con, they would’ve been less of a hindrance, but I’m not so sure. Currently, I’m enjoying using the Pro Controller so much that I’m not even worried about the motion controls. If I get more competitive with the game, I might dive into motion controls with the controller. I’m having such a good time now, that’s a real possibility.

Even More Switch Versatility

Not only does this show me how great the Pro controller is, but it’s added to the Switch’s potential. Now I’m more likely to dock a game just to try it out with the Pro controller. I could even try playing in tabletop mode with the controller. I feel like now I’m playing Splatoon as it was intended for me. The versatility of the Switch strikes again! I’ll keep playing Stardew Valley and Darkest Dungeon on the go, but now, rather than letting Splatoon gather dust on the shelf, I’ll pop it in the dock and paint away!

I haven’t even given myself the chance to go back and try Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda with the Pro controller yet. I’m too enthralled with Splatoon. I’ve easily doubled my play time in the game since picking up the controller. On top of that, I’m performing better the way that I want to play.

It’s a win-win for me. I’m playing and enjoying my time more than before. I cannot recommend picking up the Pro controller enough if you ever play your Switch in docked mode. I’m also thinking about picking up a grip case for my Switch with some stick grips if anyone has some recommendations!

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