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The Approachable, Clear Imperial IPA

I was recently turned on to Evil Twin Brewing because the owner, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, was heavily featured in a VinePair article about the ticker culture of the new that’s taking over craft beer. I know the brewery and I’ve had some of their offering from time to time, but the quotes in the article let me know that I liked their owner’s style.

In the article, he vented his frustration with beer drinkers seeking out everything that is new rather than what is good. Just about everyone loves trying a new beer, but there is a distinct line between enjoying a new beer and trying one that you never want to have again once you’ve had it once. It seemed like me and Evil Twin Brewing have a good amount in common, so I wanted to try more of their beers.

Low and behold, I find Evil Twin Brewing’s Molotov Lite. Molotov Lite is an imperial IPA riff on natty ice design. They brewed it in an attempt to bring some life back to the everyday happy hour of light lagers that Americans only somewhat enjoyed for so many decades. The “ale brewed with natural flavors” tagline is a nice touch if the blue, black, and silver geometric design didn’t clue you in to the joke.

Getting past the personal appeal of the can, this is a killer beer that has a lot to offer. On the surface, it’s a good and bitter American Imperial IPA clocking in at 8.5%abv. But once you get to know it a little, the bitterness and alcohol warmth steps aside to reveal a bouquet of orange blossom honey, cantaloupe, and a hint of resinous pine tar that is a near perfect blend for me personally.

As far as my first critical take on a beer from Evil Twin Brewing, I couldn’t have gotten more lucky with my choice. College days reminiscent can art laid the foundation for an Imperial IPA experience that might’ve been my favorite of the year. I doubt it’s for everyone, but damn I almost feel like this beer was brewed for me.

Who Is This For:

Anyone who enjoys hop forward beers that have a little bite and has been drinking them for a bit. This is definitely a bit more abrasive on the palate and hides it’s fruit character a bit more than a juicy double IPA, but the flavor similarities are their, albeit arranged completely differently. If you’re looking for a non-hazy Imperial IPA that won’t beat you up too much, but won’t go easy on you either, this is a solid step up in complexity from your average hazy DIPA.

Evil Twin Molotov Lite Tasting Notes

Appearance: Golden-orange in color. Decent head retention after pouring with a solid head of big bubbles. Translucent, with a slight orange hue and blur.

Aroma: You can smell the buzz that comes along with this Double IPA, it’s not hiding the alcohol like some modern IPAs. But, along with the ever so slight and interesting burn, you get a big orange blossom aroma with a touch of resinous pine tar to even it out.

Taste: Big bitterness with a blend of orange blossom herbal tea and cantaloupe. Despite this beer feeling decently dry, the alcohol content gives it a perceived sweetness that really sets off the fruity character of the hops. Thankfully, the fruit character isn’t as in your face, you have to sort through the bitterness and subtle burn to find the solid citrus and tropical character. You have to work for it just a little. Once it warms up a hair, it’s almost straight grapefruit pulp and pith, the sweet and the bitter.

Mouthfeel: Somewhat dry but deceiving because of the alcohol content. It coats your palate with intense flavors and a big body for a clear IPA, then slowly dissipates to leave a bit of warmth and bitterness. It almost feels like it finishes dry for an 8.5% double IPA until you realize its coated your mouth with a bitter and slightly tropical nectar.

Overall: This beer makes you work for it, and I love it. First impression, it’s a pretty standard American Double IPA. It’s clear and a golden orange hue with big bitterness and an overwhelming flavor. Then you break through the initial barrier. It’s good from the start, but then it becomes phenomenal. This is one of my favorite imperial IPAs that I’ve had, and one of my favorites in recent memory.

Beer or Cars? He Asked…

Beer vs cars

Choosing Between Passions Based on Culture

I recently got an amazing opportunity to take on an internship at the Brewers Association in Boulder working on and writing about promoting craft beer through the great avenue of CraftBeer.com. I was honestly ecstatic at the opportunity and jumped through some hurdles to take advantage of it. My previous full-time job, which I’m still working at part time, is marketing and promotion for a local car dealership. Now, I honestly am fascinated with cars, but content creation and marketing for a car dealership isn’t exactly a position at Jalopnik, and car dealerships don’t have much their allowed to say that’s at all interesting. I’m not saying that it hasn’t been a fantastic opportunity, it getting more and more difficult to get into an actual marketing job, and it very well may have paved the way for great things to come. But anyway, when I was talking to my supervisor about starting an internship in the craft beer world, he said something along the lines of, “I guess you just like beer more than car…” and I’ve been thinking about it ever since, its a good question.

The Cultures We Can Work In

They’re obviously not very comparable in many ways beyond being topics that interest a large number of people, but I’m going to give it a shot to break down my thoughts.

I have loved cars since a young age, (+1 for cars because its generally a bad thing if you love beer since a young age) and my fascination has grown and developed as I have. Like all kids, I judged cars by the look of them, then I got into the numbers and specs that come along with bigger engines and advances in technology, now I just love the feelings cars give people. You don’t have to be driving a Ferrari to have the time of your life behind the wheel, you just have to love the vehicle your driving. Although, I do think a stick shift rally help in every case.

That’s where my supervisor at the car dealership loses me, I love cars for the culture behind them, but that really has no link to the convoluted mess that is car dealerships. Working at a dealership or a service center are the most universal ideas of “cars jobs.” I naively thought that marketing for a dealership would be more along the lines of what I’m interested in, it was in some small ways but not significantly. The kind of car job that I want is hard to come by but I can work at it.

I love craft beer and homebrewing, many people do, as the craft beer movement rages as more and more people are sharing their passion with others. Beer has been at the center of many cultures and that’s no different today, but now it’s the minority in the market that getting the attention. Budweiser still dominates the majority, but you don’t hear many stories about their new products and innovations. It’s an exciting time to beer in the beer industry, and the culture surrounding it is the reason why. I love cars and business but right now, the business of beer is where I want to be. We’ll see where it leads me…

What Compels Us

Dan Powell and Archer at Blue Lake IN Colorado
Me and my dog, Archer, at Blue Lake in Colorado

What Excites People About Life?

I love the word compelling, it’s powerful in so many ways in the contemporary world. Information is so available that you can keep track of what is going on in the entire world at any given moment. This is rooted in the current incredible capability of the internet which is only further developing with each and every day. Today, every single aspect of life is more accessible than ever before; information, culture, material things and relationships can be touched virtually in a way like never before.

The Challenges of Life Today

While these amazing innovations can increase our quality of life in almost every single way, they are not without their struggles. People are socializing and learning differently and technology is advancing much more quickly than we are learning to deal with societal impacts of it all. Is social media and mobile technology affecting how children learn to relate to each other? There are theories and it’s almost a certainty that things are changing, but for good of for bad is hard to tell at this point. What is for certain, is that this is likely the most exciting time in human history to be alive.

The Plentiful Opportunities

Lives are being enriched by the information that is all around us and people are living more varied lives than ever before. We are passionate about people, work, hobbies, projects, news, innovation, nature and every other aspect of our contemporary lives that were minimized even a generation ago. Through all of this passion, people today love sharing what excites them and keeps them up at night, and what compels them to make the most out of life. Because of the internet, if you find yourself enthralled in even the most obscure of subject, it’s only a few clicks away to find a community of other people that are compelled by that same topic.

This new blog, Compels Me, is my new outlet for what excites me in life; people, technology, culture, cars, games, stories, nature, beer and experiences. It will allow me a commentary to share my passions and allow us to connect on subjects that excite us. I’m looking forward to frequent updates, both brief and expansive, to develop myself as a writer and a community of people who are similarly passionate. I look forward to the stories, experiences, and adventures spawned for myself and others by this writing.

Let me know what you think!